MPS or MFA Degree – What’s the Difference?

November 11, 2008

The Masters of Professional Studies degree is an accredited degree that emphasizes learning real-world skills and professionally relevant material. Due to the one-year schedule, the MPS in Digital Photography program is a very intensive and results oriented program that culminates in a creative and technical thesis project. A Masters of Fine Art degree is a terminal degree that requires 2-3 years to complete and concentrates on theory, research, and critique. An MFA degree also concludes with a thesis project and thesis defense.

Online or In-Classroom Learning – What’s the Difference?

November 11, 2008

Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography Online/Summer Residency

Online or In-Classroom Learning – What’s the Difference?
The content and skills learned in the MPS Digital Photography in-classroom and online classes are identical. To insure the highest standards for all classes many of our in-classroom teachers developed and teach the online classes.
The online classes differ from the in-classroom classes in a variety of ways:
•    Students participate in the fall and spring classes from their home, studio, or office – no matter where that is. This is an ideal option for busy professionals, photo educators, or students with home and family obligations that wouldn’t allow them to move to New York City for a full academic year.
•    In the in-classroom environment, classes meet at the same time each week. In the online classroom you attend a class when it best fits into your schedule. Of course, the instructor will maintain the pace of the class each week, but by doing the weekly reading and assignments when it best fits into your own schedule you can learn when it is convenient to your personal and professional schedule.
•    In an online learning environment, the classroom experience is based on extensive reading and participation in rigorous written class discussions. The best online student is comfortable reading and writing a great deal.
•    Finally, being an online student requires you to be more disciplined, more engaged, and dedicated to applying yourself to every single class. Your success in the MPS Digital Photography program comes down to your dedication to learning.
In conclusion, many students prefer the classroom environment and just as many thrive in the online environment. Which one is best for you all depends on your unique circumstances. Please contact if you have additional questions or concerns.